TekLink provides high quality service at a very affordable rate. With a Senior Field Engineer based out of Allentown, PA and Denver, CO. We would like to offer the services of our company to your facility.

  • Do you have a system in need of repair?

  • Is your instrument out of alignment and needs to be aligned and calibrated to a NIST Standard Reference material?

  • Is your Instrument in need of its annual or bi-annual Preventitive Maintanence?

  • Are you relocating your instrument?

  • Or just in need of technical support to help you through a process?

TekLink has the solution to all these questions.

Guy Barbagelata
Sr. Sales Engineer at Bruker AXS

"David is a smart and talented Engineer with great problem solving skills; his perspective and insights have proven to be a great asset to his customers".      January 27, 2016, Guy worked directly with David at Bruker AXS

TekLink  "Analytical Solutions"

Analytical X-ray Service


We are fully insured  by FOUNDING AGENCY, LLC

Satej Bhandarkar
Director, Corporate Due Diligence at Shire Pharmaceuticals

"In my 16 years of working in labs, I can say without reservation that David was the most capable, most persistent, and most pleasant engineer I worked with. David installed and kept multiple Bruker instruments in great working shape for us. Given the time sensitive nature of much of our analysis, knowing that we had David to rely on was a great comfort. He was always responsive and would find a way to solve the most challenging technical issues, even if it meant working directly with the instrument's designers in Germany. David was a delight to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough".

February 10, 2016, Satej was David's client

Harvey Lieberman

Senior Manager- Analytical Research & development at Sanofi.

"Dave installed and serviced two Bruker instruments over a period of 10 years for my group, including one of the first GADDS systems installed outside academia. Dave is an amazing engineer - incredibly knowledgeable and highly responsive. In several instances I was able to troubleshoot and fix a problem with Dave guiding me at the end of a phone. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave if you need a reliable engineer for x-ray diffraction systems."

September 1, 2016 Harvey was David's client.

Our service rates are as follows:

  • $170.00/hr. for up to (8) hours on-site/transit per day Monday through Friday.
  • Travel expenses will be at cost. (airfare and car rental)
  • Lodging Expenses $150.00/overnight stay.
  • Mileage on company vehicles will be billed at $0.60/mile.
  • $170.00/hr for in-house repairs.